It's Dead

It's dead.
After a lot of lustlessness, pressure and denial, I can no longer hide from reality.
Subtyrannya was too much.
Too much of everything.
Too much pressure. Too much work. Too much braking.

A project that came out of passion lasted half a year. And it was a productive time. I programmed more than ever before. I learned so much. It was my longest lasting project to date. But it was and is, still too big. I had too much planned. Too much vision. I had too big dreams for me alone.

I noticed that soon afterwards. Tons of regions became few. Many functions became only the most necessary ones. Then it worked again for a while. Content was created, but that also fatigued me a while later.

So I shortened even more. Omitted many things. Why should that be in there? What is it about? That does not have to be necessarily in there. Every lost bit saves work.

But at some point it just won't be the same anymore. As soon as your project, which fascinates you, is manageable, has been shortened so much, you lose your drive for it.

The community and the publicity of course countered that, but that was more of a disadvantage than something positive.
Now the imaginary pressure came from outside. You've already started something, so finish it too. Passion becomes compulsion. And the creative streams ebb.
All that remains is work. And that's never good when you want to do a project like this on your own.

That's why it's over now.
I'm sorry to everyone who hoped for more. But it is important for me to draw a line. To open myself to new things again. For new ideas and new projects and new passions.
The Itchio page remains. Patreon also, possibly for future projects. The Discord as well. As soon as I have a new project in prospect, it will be converted.

Many thanks to all of you.
That's it from me,


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