Subtyrannya - Update 0_1_6a

Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

after about a month, there are new sprites, changed mechanics and about 3000 new words.

I am finally reaching the art direction I want to go in. Things look nice now, with a certain old Falloutvibe. Everything is murky and stony, the darkness only sometimes broken by a lone lamp.

I made a lot of mechanical changes in the past months. Most are not visible to the player, but are definitely noticable by me. It is now very easy to introduce content into the game by just simply copying and pasting the word files I work in.  It is something I really put a lot of effort in, to save a lot of effort in the future. Hopefully it pays of.

Changelog V_0_1_6a

- Updated the Menu interface to use less buttons and to make it more accessible

- changed how interactions are displayed. Each option now has its own icon so you can know with a single glance if you need some good or if it changes some condition.

- separated Tasks from Conditions. Also, added Tasks to the game. Now you immediately know if something furthers a current story. Each can now have their own description that changes, depending on how far you are in it.

- changed most sprites from a 2D asthetic to a 3D asthetic (lots of changes)

- added Map Screen

- added the first Quest for the Reasonable Trading Hub

- added the Käfer Embassy. A place where bugs try to make peace.

-added individual lighting to improve scenes

Subtyrannya will always be free to play.

For that reason, I am dependent on voluntary support from the community. I have opened up a Patreon, where every earned penny gets put back into the game in form of outsourcing art, sound music and maybe programming tasks. This allows me to finish the game even faster!

If you can spare a dollar or two, that would greatly help me develop this game.

Also, if you want to be part of the community, don't forget to join the discord:


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Mar 19, 2019

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