A downloadable game for Windows

Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

this is Subtyrannya, a dystopian merchant simulator with lovecraftian vibes, mystery and a whole lot of secrets for you to discover.

You play as a lone merchant with his vehicle, driving trough the apocalyptic underground on the search for wealth, knowledge and one or two other things.

On your journey you will travel to many different cities, each with their own weird gimmicks, situations and happenings. Every time it is your own decision if you want to indulge into the secrets or just stay for a brief moment for a trade and a chat. But be warned. If you decide to dig deeper, you may have to make difficult decisions that not only affect you, but the possibly the whole underground!

Subtyrannya will always be free to play.

For that reason, I am dependent on voluntary support from the community. I have opened up a Patreon, where every earned penny gets put back into the game in form of outsourcing art, sound music and maybe programming tasks. This allows me to finish the game even faster!


If you can spare a dollar or two, that would greatly help me develop this game.

Also, if you want to be part of the community, don't forget to join the discord:

Install instructions

1. Extract the file.

2. Click on the file

3. Play the game.

4. Close


Subtyrannia 02_12_18_w12.zip 128 MB
Subtyrannia 14_10_18_w5.zip 61 MB
Subtyrannia 23_09_18_w2.zip 57 MB
Subtyrannia 16_09_18_w1.zip 2 MB

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