Subtyrannya - A Dystopian Merchant Simulator - Update #W5

Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

This is the first update in three weeks and quite a lot changed. I updated the interface (the datapad) to be more astethicly pleasing and to provide more user experience. There are now 3 distinctiv buttons on the left which let you switch between the market, the place itself and your own inventory, where you can look at the newly implemented items and conditions.

Those are going to be more important now. They are needed for getting different rewards and consequenzes in tasks. I also added the mines, where you have a repeatable task, where you can spend some Consumables to get some raw material, which you can sell for a profit.

Contentwise I didn't manage as much as I hoped, but you can access the tavern now, where you can find the first contraband quest for the holey brothers. Also, every place now as something for you to do. (Even if it often is just one or two screens) But that will probably be expanded in the near future.

Changelog 14.10.18 w5:

- Updated Interface with new Gui-Buttons and Design

- Added Animation the the interface

- Added the Tavern and Doctor to discover and interact with

- Added the first repeatable task for the tavern

- Added special Objects, which you need for some tasks and that you can buy and sell at specific places

- Added Conditions, like "Wounds" or "Reputation" which you can increase or lower by specific tasks and which can grant you access to specific tasks

- Added three Skills (Presence, Ingenuity, Expertise) which can be increased at specific places by spending the "Experience" Stock. Those are also needed in some task-storylines and in different options to get different rewards or consequenzes.

- Added Title menu with small pixelated Tutorial on the side (Only Start and Quit Buttons are working right now)

- Added the Mine as a visitable place, where you can currently spend Consumables to gain raw materials.

- Replaced sprites of places, interface-images and more


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Oct 14, 2018

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