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You play as a necromage, with no recollection of your conception. But you can raise the dead! And they are pretty friendly. To you at least. Not so much to the soldiers and peasants of the countryside.

You travel trough forests and seas, trying to find the head priest, because he might have an anweser to your origin. And on the way you make a lot of Undead.

One of the bigger things I tried. Got inspired by a gamejam entry and tried to give it my own twist.

As I believe it is quite fun to let your growing undead horde slaughter the enemies, but the art style broke the whole ting for me. I could for the love of me not make it any less of an eyesore. The current art you see, I already touched up a bit. It was even uglier in the earlier stages.

Thats why this project never went further than this. You have a couple levels, a bit of story, a cheeky sidekick and I think that is enough.


Rise of the Necromage Alpha0.6.zip 12 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play.


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Interesting game, mission with castle has a bug when entering to portal