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My Entry for the 1st Alakajam.

The main theme was Alchemy and the first thing that came to my mind is making potions and stuff.

I thought about how to make this into a game and remembered all those burger making games that I played as a teenager. Thats how the idea was born.

Who knew Alchemy is so stressfull?

You need to put the right ingredients into your alchemic machine, fill it up with water, press the most imporant alchemic buttons and also keep and eye on the fire gauge. When the right combination is met, you can make a powerfull potion and get points. Make as many potions as you can in the time limit.

I am a single developer and all my games will be free to play over at itchio/steam/etc... I am currently making games as a hobby. This won't change in the near future, but with enough support via Patreon I can outsource some parts of game-making like art, sound and music. This will not only vastly improve the games, but will make development much faster
Your support is very appreciated!

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Unpack and play.


McAlchemy.zip 14 MB

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