A downloadable game for Windows

My Entry for the first Extra Credits Game Jam.

Awesome Robot: Quest for the Awesome King is a Point-And-Click Adventure, where a tiny insignificant Robo Detectiv has to venture forth, to battle the Awesome King and become his heir.

Equipped only with his trusty sunglasses and no arms, A-Bot makes his way trough adventure upon adventure, meeting almost certain death in the progress and fighting his way to the top of the awesome scale.

On his quest he has to interact and look at many things, such as a water bottle and a unfortunately a lever. (Fuck Levers!)

But in the end, only your wit can decide if A-Bot can overcome the pure Awesomeness of the current Awesome King. Who knows which fate you will encounter...

Also, you can play the trumpet.

Which is very neat I think.


Awesome Bot.zip 51 MB

Install instructions

Download the Rar, extract it and play. It is very simple.


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