The first (also free) supplement for The Bean Engine is out now! 36 Weird Fantasy Backgrounds!

Hello to all you fine Pen & Paper people!

Throughout the last couple of months I worked on 36 weird fantasy background for The Bean Engine, my self developed generic rule system.

Play weird professions like a Gas-addled Racer, a Machiavellian Nanny or even a Coral-infested Submariner.

Along with each of those 36 backgrounds you will get a couple of specific items for each, some starting talents and even some optional talents for later milestones.

Everything of course presented with the professional standard of all KorbohneD-related publications.

Of course, you don't have to use it along with the TBE rulesystem, as the system itself this supplement is also licensed under CC BY_SA, meaning you can just use anything in here how you want for your own homebrew, system, book or whatever.

I hope you can make good use of it!

Also, if you got any feedback for me in any way, feel free to post it here, send me a message, or reach out to me on discord or twitter.

(also, thank you all for your support so far! : D)



TBE - 36 Backgrounds - English.pdf 3 MB
Jun 29, 2021
TBE - 36 Backgrounds - Deutsch.pdf 3 MB
Jun 29, 2021

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